An App for seamless

conference experience

Agenda and Speaker profile

Get detailed conference agenda, speaker's profile, contact info, etc.


Last minute changes, Live Updates, easy to manage.

Delegate Directory

Get contact details of met person in one click.

Voting Pad

Conduct quizzes, polls and feedbacks on the app.

Audience Interaction

Audience discussions during the event, asking questions to the speaker or panel.


Capture memories with a private Facebook-like wall.


Quick note taking during conference.

Profile QR

Just scan your QR and mark your attendance.



Professional conferences have successfully used our professionally designed native apps to eliminate printed brochures, voting pad, exhibitor layouts and go digital with their event.


Everything that you need to Automate membership join, subscription, renewal, communication & event registration and activities.


Securely streamline communications of schedule and announcements for your team and improve collaboration through 1-1 and group chats without any restrictions of standard tools like whatsapp and telegram.

Native Apps

We only make native apps as we understand that organizers need to focus on things better than guaranteeing connectivity to 1000’s of devices.


Go beyond digital agendas. Give attendees access to the key insights they need – including real-time event notifications, reminders, and recommendations on sessions, content, and connections of interest.


Keep attendees engaged onsite through fun interactive games and challenges. You can reward their learning, participation in activities, or visiting sponsor booths.


You have an unparalleled ability to customize your event app and create a unique conference look and feel.. With Advanced Designer, you can let your event brand shine.


Users can have layout map to find their hall or even an individual exhibitor.

Rather than reuse a single solution that fits all, we do not have standard templates and solutions.
Each app is made to order from a subset of one of our standard modules or otherwise.
Let’s meet over a coffee and discuss your requirements.

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